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Hidden Wholesales Price

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It is NOT difficult to install. About 16 files needs to be uploaded; 15 files may conflict with your zen cart system. No database change is required.

If you are an experience coder, it takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete the implementation, including installation, testing or some debug. If you are not experienced with PHP and Zen Cart, it may take 1.5 to 3 hours.

If you are not a coder, you should avoid implementing this module by yourself. Improper installation may result in unexpected and unrecoverable damage.
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This add on was created to supplement functionality in the Dual Pricing add on. While the Dual Pricing add on allows you to create products with wholesale prices and customers with wholesale assignments, it does not allow there to be an exclusive relationship between wholesale products and retail products. In other words, any product is typically viewable by anyone.

There are times when you don't want retail consumers to see wholesale products. Really. It's asked for quite a bit, actually. I'm surprised no one else took a hack at it. Or rather, no one else hacked it and shared it, already. C'mon folks...

How do I use it?

Once properly installed, this add on uses the fields created by the Dual Pricing add on to determine whether a product should be displayed on the website. Specifically, to create a wholesale only product:

1. On the product, the "Products Price" has to be set to $0.
2. Give it a wholesale price, just as you would with Dual Pricing.
3. That's it! Now the product should be visible only to Customers with a Wholesale pricing level of 1-4.

This should take care of the wholesale items appearing on the New Products lists and pages, Featured lists and pages, Specials lists and pages, and All Products lists. Additionally on the category and subcategory pages and on the Categories side bars. Word of warning -- I didn't use the Featured or Specials, so I *think* they work. They should work. They'll work. I can feel it. (Let me know if my feelings have gone astray.)

Customers who log in AND who have a Wholesale pricing level of 1-4 should be able to see the wholesale products (with the wholesale prices, yay!), along with the standard retail products. I've not found a way to hide retail products from wholesale customers. Mostly because I've never been asked/paid for that. Yet.

NOTE: Some of you may balk at the idea of using a price of 0 as an external indicator. Yes, it's a hack. But it works for me and it's free for you. If you really want to set a retail product to be zero cost to the consumer, I suggest that you put a price in here, anyway, such as a suggested retail price, and enable "Product is Free". This is good business and marketing practice, anyway, but that's another topic. Or hack your own solution. Isn't open source great?

Affected Files

For those of you who like to read along. Or, bless your heart, you found a problem and are looking to fix it for everyone. Directories are relative to Zen Cart root.

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