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Westpac Payway Net

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Business Value:
Files to upload Upload
Files that may conflict with your shopping cart Conflict
Skills Required:
Database Change: SQL Scripts Implementing 1
Hours required to implement this module 0.5 to 1

This module is of high commercial value. You are strongly suggested to install it.

It is difficult to install. About 8 files needs to be uploaded; 1 files may conflict with your zen cart system. 1 script will affect your database. You are recommended to BACKUP DATABASE before the implementing.

If you are an experience coder, it takes about 0.5 to 1 hours to complete the implementation, including installation, testing or some debug. If you are not experienced with PHP and Zen Cart, it may take 1 to 2 hours.

If you are not a coder, you should avoid implementing this module by yourself. Improper installation may result in unexpected and unrecoverable damage.
OUR NO RISK GUARANTEE 1. No upfront payment is required 2. You only pay on successful completion 3. Money Back Guarantee within 90 Days ! You don't get guarantee like this any where else . . . You Don't Risk One Peny!
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This module supports Zen Cart accepting credit card payments by Westpac Payway Net gateway.


1. after customer confirm the order, he/she will be forwarded to Payway Net gateway
2. once the transaction is done, Zen Cart will receive the transaction result and update order status accordingly
3. shop owner will receive an email notification once payment is transferred or rejected
4. you can setup a sidebox with Westpac Logo to give your customers more confidence.
5. supports Testing Mode, which costs nothing to make a testing order.


SSL setup is a must to encrypt transaction process and decrypt the transaction result.

(The latest version supports NON-SSL Server)

You are strongly suggested to have SSL installed. If you don't have it, this module still works, but can't update order status automatically, which would be a heavy job if you have many orders daily.

(The latest version supports auto update of order status even your don't have SSL installed)

Please consult your hosting provider, SSL usually cost around $35 to $80 each year.
Clients reported to buy a comodo SSL for $300 a year. That's too expensive. You can contact us for a cheaper SSL Cert.


1. we'll help you setup the front side, including "upload files by FTP, change log folder permission and make simple testing"
2. you will be given an ebook guidance of how to setup Zen Cart admin side and Payway Net Admin Panel


Zen Cart 1.3.0 and above

1. automatically update order status, on 06/20/2009
2. fixed Merchant ID max length limit, on 12/09/2009
3. support NON-SSL automatically update order status, on 01/06/2010

Guarantee and Supports:

1. testing order will be made, which means it runs
2. 180 days supports for small fix
3. if you do NOT want our installation help, just checkout without sending us FTP access.Intallation service is free and helpful to non-webmasters.

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