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Protx (UK/Ireland Merchant Accounts)

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This payment module provides everything a Zen Cart shop owner needs to accept credit/debit card payments over the internet.

It uses the Protx VSP Direct service, which connects to a bank and checks the validity of the card details entered by the customer at the checkout. The customer remains on the store's website, they are not redirected to an external site to enter their details as with many other payment solutions, making this as professional a payment solution you could possibly use with Zen Cart!

The whole checkout process is completely streamlined, therefore allowing store owners to have a store which works just as well as any of the large e-commerce websites!

A Protx account must be used in combination with a merchant account. As of June 2007, the merchant accounts supported by Protx include those provided by the following UK/Ireland based companies:

* Royal Bank Of Scotland

* Barclaycard

* Streamline

* Lloyds TSB


* euroConex

* American Express

* Diners Club International

* JCB Cards

This module is very comphrensive yet easy to install and configure.

As well as supporting Protx's latest protocols, it has full Multi-Currency Support, Visual Feedback of Javascript Validation, Icons for each Credit/Debit Card accepted and more... A full Feature List and Installation Instructions are included in the archive.

Start accepting payments within 10 minutes! :)

This module was first released in April 2006, ? Copyright Ceon 2006-2007.
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