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Moneybookers Payment Gateway

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Database Change: SQL Scripts Implementing NONE Hours required to implement this module 0.5 to 1

This module is of moderate commercial value. You are suggested to install it.

It is NOT difficult to install. About 49 files needs to be uploaded; NO files may conflict with your zen cart system. No database change is required.

If you are an experience coder, it takes about 0.5 to 1 hours to complete the implementation, including installation, testing or some debug. If you are not experienced with PHP and Zen Cart, it may take 1 to 2 hours.

Even you are not coder, it is SAFE to have a try.
OUR NO RISK GUARANTEE 1. No upfront payment is required 2. You only pay on successful completion 3. Money Back Guarantee within 90 Days ! You don't get guarantee like this any where else . . . You Don't Risk One Peny!
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A major reworking of the moneybookers module.

Based on the Moneybookers Merchant Payment Interface (Version 6.3) of 15
January 2008.

Main Features:
* Auto update orders
* Auto update orders history
* Auto email updates to customers if enabled
* Auto email updates to admin if enabled
* Auto MD5 signature check before updates if enabled
* Auto enable downloadable items once payment is cleared
* Auto activate download max days for downloadable items
* Auto inform customers of different currency to be used on moneybookers if necessary
* Auto display monneybookers website in selected language
* Choice of banners to display to customers at checkout

1) Unpack the zip file into your site to install. Make sure the "admin" folder
matches if you have changed the name of your site admin folder.
2) Edit the definitions in 'includes/modules/payment/moneybookers_gateway/moneybookers_gateway_emails.php' if you want your emails to be in a non english language.
3) Visit http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?p=518323 for support
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