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This module is based on the original version supplied from the old ZC downloads section.

The script is a total rewrite and has been tested on versions 1.2.4.x and up. Fully compatible to version 1.3x and tested.

Features and fixes

Full support of dual merchant accounts
( this is a feature that IS has allowing both USD and CAD accounts, thus support for merchants seeking either a US merchant or CA merchant account or both)
This feature automatically sets payment based on the user currency of choice of either US or CA funds and processes to your CA or US merchant account respectively. If other currencies are used for ease of your buyers, then the choice is to have the module process to either one or ther other set in the backend admin settings.

Auto language support
InternetSecure supports English/French/Spanish/Italian/Chinese/Japanese and Portuguese languages thus if your cart is multilanguage the script allows to keep the language flow throughout the payment process based on one of these languages. All other languages are processed based on the admin choice of one of the above mentioned languages

Payment information forwarding

Meaning user cart information is forwarded containing Model(sku) and description with support of cart attribute options(size/model/format ect.) along with...

Group discount/coupon support

Surcharge support

Shipping method choice(for multiple shipping methods options)

Applied tax support

Thus the user sees at final stages all applied charges and information regarding his or her purchase clearly stated and outlined in either CA or US funds.

This module also returns the user to your cart once payment has been accepted to the checkout success and correctly updates your cart.

Once you've setup your IS account and payment pages you can effectively create a flowing credit card method with look and feel to match your cart. I know some prefer that a user stays within their site, but with InternetSecure there are added advantages to their method in my opinion using the merchant link.

Using the merchant link method is also less costly then using other methods that mean you need to pay for site verification that clear you for credit card acceptance.

InternetSecures merchant link is fully verified and supported by VeriSign, Verified by Visa and MasterCards new SecureCode features, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard and Visa cardholders can safely and securely shop on your site knowing their best interests are safeguarded with total privacy secured.

You can explore the advantages of InternetSecure upon their site.

This module comes with English/French language support as well.

There has been many many hours put into this module and I am asking that those who download and intended on using this please support the efforts of the person responsible for all the recoding.

NotGoddess(Sara) has spent a great deal of time and effort with me on making this happen. so please support her efforts by offering a donation for her hard work to bring you a fine module. She is a very very talented programmer and designer. Her website is full of tips and tricks to make website builders and webmasters lives much easier. She is offering this module based on my requests and together we have made this happen.

I only ask that you support her hard efforts and please find place for a donation of appreciation towards her. She accepts donations on her website.
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