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Supertracker for Zen Cart
Version 1.0 (Ported to Zen Cart by Andrew Berezin - 05-09-07)
Based on Supertracker v.3.20b (01-11-05) by Mark Stephens

Supertracker records statistics for each user arriving at your shop and allows you to generate various reports based on this data.

Straight forward installation. No core files overwritten.
Download latest GeoIP.dat IP database seperately (Required but free - see readme)
Download flags seperately (Optional and free - see readme)

Support forum:

Supertracker records the following data:

? Referring page
? Referring query allows access to keywords used in search engine)
? Landing page (including query string - important for Pay Per Click campaign assessment)
? Arrival time / exit time /exit page
? IP address
? Country code / country name
? Customer's cart contents
? Number of clicks on shop (accuracy is not 100% as this is recorded based on session ID)
? Categories Viewed
? Products viewed
? Customer ID (if signed in)
? Order ID (if order was placed)
? Were products added to cart (true/false)
? Did the customer Checkout (true/false)

Supertracker then uses this data to generate many interesting reports about customer activity on your site, without the need of a 3rd party service. Reports gnerated listed in readme.

v.1.0.0 05.09.07 a_berezin
(Initial ZC version - based on ported v.3.20b - 01.11.05)
+ Code optimization
+ Updated Readme (08.04.07)
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