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Simple SEO URL

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1. Convert almost if not all ZC created links into User Friendly links (no more query string like ?main_page=index&cPath=blah)
Several link examples:
a contact us:
site.com/contact_us (or site.com/contact_us.ext where ext is the extension you choose)

a product info page:

It works for any module that uses ZC's function to create links.

2. For links containing cPath and products_id inside, corresponding category/product name can be added to the links (as show above)
a. As of now, you can decide the number of category names to be included (for example, if you choose 3, with a cPath like this: 24_47_49_50 the category names of the last 3 categories (47,49,50) will be appended to the link
b. If the category name or the product name in the link is incorrect, ssu will automatically redirects to the correct one
c. Usually in ZC, a product_info link can contain both cPath and products_id. However, if the cPath is incorrect or is not there, ZC doesnt care at all, it still displays the page just fine. SSU will redirect the users to the correct link (by finding out the correct cPath of the product)

3. Allows store owners to exclude any page link from using seo link style.

4. Light-weight, minimal performance penalty

5. Allow removing short words from category/product names

6. Allow limiting the max length of category/product names

Future features:
7. Link Alias

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