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Back In Stock Notifications

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The Back In Stock Notifications is an extremely handy module which lets customers subscribe to a notification list for a product that has gone out of stock.

The subscription process is completely automated, customers don't have to have an account to subscribe themselves, but if they do the subscription is automatically associated with their account.

Once a product is back in stock, an e-mail can be sent to all those subscribed to the notification list for that product, using the convenient admin utility.


Fully-automated, dynamic subscription display

* As soon as a product goes out of stock, a message asking customers if they want to ??be notified when this product is back in stock...?? is shown where the Buy Now button would have been.

* A form is also displayed directly on the Product Info page to encourage a quick and easy subscription! It is pre-filled if the customer is logged in!

* If a customer is already subscribed to the Back In Stock Notification List for this product, a message ??You have requested to be notified when this product is back in stock?? is displayed instead of the subscribe message. The form also isn't added to the page.

* If a customer is not logged in when they subscribe to a notification list, the subscription is automatically associated with their account.

Fully-automated unsubscriptions

* If a customer has an existing account with the store, they can manage their Back In Stock Notification subscriptions directly in their ??My Account?? section.

* Customers who have subscribed to a notification list, but don't have an account with the store, can click on a link in their subscription e-mail to unsubscribe, or browse to the unsubscription page on the website and enter the code they were sent in this e-mail.

Intuitive, comprehensive admin utility

The admin utility allows a store owner to view existing subscriptions, send subscription notification e-mails and delete old subscriptions. The options it provides are as follows:

* The current list of products with subscriptions can be viewed. This allows the store owner to quickly and easily see which products customers are interested in as well as the current stock level for each of these products.

* The current list of products with subscriptions can also be viewed with additional information about the customers subscribed and when they subscribed.

* A ??Test Run?? of the subscription notification mailing can be run. This will let the store owner see who would have been e-mailed, and about which product(s). The first e-mail that would have been sent is sent to the store owner so that they check if the e-mail is formatted correctly before the actual run!

* The actual, real run of the subscription notification mailing can be run. The subscriptions for the completed notifications will then be automatically removed from the database.

* Subscriptions for products which no longer exist can be expunged from the database.

Intelligent notifications

* If a customer is subscribed to several notification lists and a mailing is going out which includes more than one of these products, the notifications for that customer will be combined so they will only receive one e-mail. This looks more professional and minimises any irritation or thoughts of spamming!
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