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We support 730 Zen Cart add-ons! Affordable, Reliable, Speed on Rails services on customizations of Zen Cart shipping, payment, marketing and others.

Zencart Add-on: Installation, Customization and Urgent Help

Zen Club Membership

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Only: $198.00

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Become a member, and enjoy 50% discount

Only: $198.00 $600.00

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Become a member, and enjoy 50% discount

Install $600.00 Valuable Zen Cart Add-ons at $198.00

Congratulations, you are now a Zen Cart store owner! Creating your first online store is an exciting experience. Zen Cart is an amazingly adaptable shopping cart solution with many must-have features built-in. However, every store's needs are different, but luckily Zen Cart can easily be expanded and customized. The trick to achieving custom functionality without breaking the bank is to use FREE add-ons developed by the Zen Cart community.

Are You Ready to Implement Zen Cart Add-ons?

Do you have both the knowledge and technical skills to do it yourself? Here are some simple questions to help you decide:
  1. Do you know WHICH ADD-ONS to install? There are many similar sounding add-ons with somewhat similar functionality, but not all of them work well. Do you know which ones will best fit your requirements?
  2. Do you know HOW TO INSTALL them? Do you have the necessary background in PHP, MySQL and Zen Cart training to ensure that your website is safe? How about fixing the code of the add-on or site if the installation breaks something? Missing Pages, Broken Links, and Severe Database Damage are just a few of the potential problems for beginners in implementing these third party add-ons. Are you sure you can handle it?
  3. Do you know HOW TO CONFIGURE the add-ons properly and customize them? Properly configured add-ons work exactly as designed; but customized add-ons outperforms and give you a unique advantage. Do you know how to customize the functionality of an add-on to give you the edge?
There are about 730 add-ons listed on our site. Don't worry, you don't need all of them. Many have little value to the average store owner. But, how do you decide which ones are valuable and worth investing in? Unfortunately 80% of Zen Cart store owners don't have any idea. The good news is: You Don't Have to Know... because WE DO!

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We know you need to focus on your business. The more you focus, the more profits you can harvest. And that's where we come in. We know what it takes to make Zen Cart the ultimate e-commerce solution to meet your needs. We will make recommendations and take care of the technical side of your store, implementing add-ons and custom functionality. You can rest easy knowing that while you work on what you do best we are making your online business stronger.


Here's a brief description of zen cart addons:
  • There are more than 730 add-ons, and the number is ever increasing
  • However, only about 15% of the total, around 100 add-ons, are worth investing time, energy, and money in
  • A start up company may need as little as 10 add-ons
  • An average store will need to install about 20 add-ons
  • A mature and money making store will require 20 or more add-ons to support its expanding business endeavors
  • A large business that processes a high volume of orders, many times needs more than 50 add-ons to improve efficiency, functionality and usability. At this point customized add-ons are a must!
How do we know this? We have spent the last 5 years becoming leading experts in the field. We have successfully worked with over 600 clients, installing hundreds of different add-ons to meet their varying needs. In addition to those that were successful there were some 170 clients who's unique ideas failed to be implemented as expected. (NOTE: Those 170 clients didn't have to pay a thing since the implementation wasn't successful) You see, becoming the best takes a lot of experience, and our experience has been gained by pushing boundaries and seeing what works and what doesn't. These learning experiences are why we can confidently say we are top experts in the functionality of the Zen Cart system.

Based on the thousands of hours we've spent implementing add-ons it's become clear that there are only 100 add-ons worth installing. They are all listed in our TOP 100 (see below). These add-ons cover almost every aspect of your stores operation, including but not limited to Shipping, Payment, Catalog, Customer Management, Marketing, Financing, SEO, Security and Customization. We have evaluated each and every add-on, removed their defects, tracked the upgrade records, and logged their difficulties and pitfalls. That is why we can state unequivocally that:
  1. The add-ons we recommend are worthy to invest in. The money you spend to implement them will be returned in no time from the improved performance of your business.
  2. The add-ons we support are implemented safely. There will be no missing pages, no broken links, no lost orders, no bugs, and no data loss.*
  3. The add-ons we customize will meet your requirements or you pay nothing!
* (Notice: Upgrading Zen Cart system files may result in Add-ons incompatibility problem)

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Only: $198.00 $600.00

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Become a member, and enjoy 50% discount

Why Should You Become a Zen Club Member?

Clients who purchase Zen Club Memberships enjoy these benefits:
  1. 10 FREE Service Credits. Every Zen Club member ship comes with 10 free service credits. Each credit is good for either installation of one (1) add-on, one (1) small customization or one (1) de-bugging of a problem with your site. You can choose from ANY of the Top 100 Add-ons! Again, ANY! That discount alone makes the $198 a significant bargain!
  2. 50% off of ALL additional services!
  3. Quotes on non-supported add-ons. Add-ons which don't appear in our Top 100 list are no longer supported, however, if a Zen Club Members needs one of these installed, we will quote it and implement it for them. This service is only available to Zen Club Members.
  4. Source Code Provided. The $198 membership allows you access to the Top 100 Add-ons source code, documentation, and troubleshooting tips to solve installation headaches (These tips are our own unique creation. Only available here). You are free to reuse the source code, adapt it and resell it.
  5. Zen Club Memberships are for life! There are no yearly renewal fees. Once you join you are in the club forever!

How Much Is A Zen Club Membership Worth To You?

We have all heard the phrase that "time is money". But how much is your time really worth? How about the frustration you would experience when a seemingly simple installation goes wrong? And how about the actual savings?

A start-up company installing ten (10) add-ons at retail price would spend between $300-$1000 for the service. But as a member you only pay $198.00 to get ten add-ons of your choice installed! That is an average price of $19.80 per add-on! (significantly lower than the average cost of $63.00 non-members spend!) This represents a savings between 44% up to as much as 80% just for being a member! This installation could take anywhere from 8-25 hours for an experienced coder. How much is that time worth to you?

You don't have to spend five years installing Add-ons to obtain the experience necessary to do the job right. You don't have to lose valuable time better spent tending your business. You don't even have to spend the thousands of dollars to install the average of 20 add-ons needed for the average store. You don't have to spent $800, $700, or even $600! $198 is all it takes to give you peace of mind and a strong foundation to jumpstart your online business. When we are done, your store will outperform 80% of zen cart stores!

When you are serious about implementing high quality solutions for your online business, and you want to get an edge over your competition, joining the Zen Club is an easy decision.

What's more? When you purchase this membership, you are establishing a connection with the support staff of one of the strongest Zen Cart integration companies in the world. When you factor in the value of that support, the cost of our consultancy is nearly FREE!

Zen Club Membership Benefits

Members Non-Members
Credits 10 Free Service Credits (Average $19.80 per add-on) Average $63.00 per add-on
Additional Service 50% Discount on retail (after free credits are used up) equals $30 each Average $63.00 each
Consultancy of Non-Top 100 Add-ons Available Unavailable
Source Code, Documents Key Hints Provided Unavailable

Only: $198.00 $600.00

Add to Cart:

Become a member, and enjoy 50% discount

List of Top 100 Add-ons

General Support
Small FIX to Zen Cart Fix Blank Page
Zen Cart SEO
Image Name SEO SEO Package Basic
Shipping Modules
AustPost Improved Canada Post Shipping
Fedex Order Delivery Date
OZPost Pick Up Delivery Date Time
Shipping by Category Flat Shipping Enhanced
Drop Shipping Fedex UPS XML
Shipping Rate Per Customer Build Shipping Module
Payment Modules
2Checkout Payment Beanstream Interac
CC via MIGS eGate CCAvenue Payment
Credit Cart Subcharge Cybermut pour zencart
Google Checkout Moneris Payment Module
MoneyBookers NAB Payment Gateway
Paymentech Westpac PaywayNet
Checkout Limit Per Customer
Pricing Tools
Dual Pricing Wholesales MAP Pricing v1.1
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price Quantity Discount
Shop by price Hidden Wholesale 2.0
Marketing Tools
Amazon Inventory Loader Cross Sell
Cart Upsell Google Analytics
Google Base Feeder XML Site Google
News and Article Manager Reward Points Suite
RSS Feed Tell a Friend with Accordion Effect
Wishpot 1.0 Wish List
Aution Product Type Phplist Integration
Reload Orders To Cart CraftyClicks v1 3
Popup Terms Print POS Connect Zen Cart
Hidden Category
Admin Tools
Add Customers From Admin Template Install
Additional Images Admin Interface Admin Login As Customer
Automatic Currency Update Easy Populate From OSC
Backup MySQL Plugin Edit Orders
Encrypted Master Password Monthly Sales Tax Summary v1.3
Paypal Session Viewer Product Margin
Quick Updates Super Orders
USPS Click N Shipping Label Easy Populate Cron Job
HTMLArea Image Editor
Templaters Alternation
Column Layout Grid v1.38
Side Boxes
Ask a question with sidebox Live Chat
CSS Flyout Menu v1.30 Links Manager
Shopping Cart Free Shipping Qualifier Sidebox Checkout Button and Product Image
Static RSS Feed Sidebox Images Slide Sidebox
SSL Cert Sidebox Comodo Corner Logo
Other Modules
Back In Stock Notification Confirm Email Address Entry
Cross Sell Advanced Bank Transfer
Fast And Easy Checkout Hints and Tip Manager
how did you hear about us Image Handler v1.3x
ZenLightBox Newsletter Subscribe
Printable Price List Report Cheaper Price
Testimonial Manager Time Zone offset v1.38a
TY Package Tracker Ultimate SEO URLs
Checkout Without Account
Security Update
Security Patch v138 20090619

... I have a few issues that I need sorted out that I have tried to fix, I've looked through the manual and I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix them so I thought I'd get in touch.

-- Nick, from Australia

Thanks for outstanding works! Without your help, I can't imagine how to keep my site running as expected. You save me lots of time and money. Thank you!

-- Dave, from U.K.

You saved my site. It stopped working for 5 hours and you recorved it in 20 minutes! Great help!

-- Steve, from U.S.

Hi, online store owners!

Are you new in zencart?

Have you got trouble when install or configure zencart?

Does it cost you too much time to read the tutorials?

Do you need your zencart store customized to meet unique business process?

Yes, we can help you!

  • Install Add-ons - Currently we are supporting 730 add-ons, most of them can be installed at an amazing low price around $30. You save your headaches to search google, reading tutorials, testing it yourself and get burried by the bugs. Leave it to us, and it just works!
  • Customization - We understand your business is unique in the world, and you are providing unique values to your customers. Therefore, you need to customize zencart to meet your unique business process in placing order, checking out with best shipping and payment methods, keeping close contact with customers, and marketing yourself to subscribers or prospects. We have strong experience in such fields, and are happy to help you to reach your unique business value.
  • Urgent Support - Payment did not go through? Orders missing? Site is down due to heavy traffic load? No worry about them, just contact us and cross your fingers.
  • Over Night Service - We are providing FedEX alike service to zencart owners, you are guaranteed to get our service rendered in 24 business hours since order confirmation (OPTIONAL).
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