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Quickest Way to solve Zen Cart technical headaches

If you have read my previous post “How to set up your own online store – overview“, you must know the quickest way to set up a store is “CLONE”. Okie, what’s the quickest way to solve your headaches of zen cart technical issues?

Don’t rush. Let us see what most people do!

Most People Do The Wrong Things

Among most zencarters, they go along the following routines to solve their problem:

  1. Search Google to find related topics
  2. If they found the answer, they try it on their sites
  3. If it works, they feel satisfied
  4. If it did not work, they have to go to step 1

How long does it take to solve a technical bug? It depends how tech wise the person is!

We can see too many new zencarters are spending days and nights in Zen Cart forums, reading each post to learn the secrets. Does that help? Maybe…but I am pretty sure that’s not the right solution to a online store owner.

A Few Savvy Store Owners Knows

Well, this may be the biggest secrets among those rich and idle store owners. They don’t search Google for answers, because it does not generate enough profits. They search Google for experts.

If you want to make money using Zen Cart, remember this. But if you want to be an expert in Zen Cart, forget it.

Is there a lighting in your head? I am expecting a “WOW”!

To new zencarters, study the knowledge of Zen Cart is helpful to start. However, you can never learn enough Zen Cart knowledge to be rich unless you want to be a coder, designer, or webmaster. When you knows how Zen Cart works, it’s better to find a team (no matter it’s virtual or physically touchable) to support your technical works.

Money Making Online Store Owners Knows

Why a team? As a zencarter for 6 years, supported more than 230 clients, I found there’s no company or personal has the entire knowledge to make Zen Cart working as exactly expected. Like me, I can deal with many stuff more than a newbie can imagine but still fails to do certain jobs. Have you ever heard of “Auction Lister Pro for Zen Cart”? In the past 6 years, 17 store owners asked me to install it for them, but I refused all of them! Aha? Because the author had never make it working, it’s not my fault…

How many team members do I need? WOW, you are asking the right questions now. The answer may sounds costly: a coder, a designer, a webmaster, and a backup copy of the them. Are you amazed? In fact, you don’t have to find 6 such people to work together. You only need to know where you can find such a team and call them for help when necessary, usually each at a time.

Finally, let me repeat what you may benefit mostly: find a technical team to support your online business. You can never learn enough technical knowledge, luckily, you don’t have to. Just kick the ball to those who can play it best.

Who am I? Advertisement: an almost retired coder, an ugly designer, an offline webmaster. Even I can handle most of your technical headaches, don’t expects much on me. The 236 clients are hunting for me all day and night, however, I am loving it.

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