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MySQL Backup

Dear Zen Cart store owners, you are lucky with this add-on. It saves your headache to backup your database. This is a must have add-on of your site if you don’t want to cry for help when your server is down due to all kinds of reasons. The author is a genius. Why it’s not me?

Backup On The Fly

If you have installed it, you will know how fast it is. A zipped file will be generated on the fly. You can choose any backup to restore later.

Linux and GZIP Are Required

Only a few clients complains this modules does not work for them. Well, we found the unfortunate clients are facing the same problems: Windows Server.

It does not work for Windows Server, only for Unix or Linux. If your site is built on Godaddy Windows Server, switch it. Zen Cart works best with Linux server.

Some old servers don’t support GZIP, then your Zen Cart can not generate zipped backup files. It will swallow your disk space. Luckily, most servers have enough space for your database backup.

Sometimes It Is Slow…

We have only a few clients have this problem. Their sites have many customers, like 4,000+ or 20,000+ (if we have so many clients, we’d like to suffer their pain). In this case, their MySQL database must be carefully configured.

Please check the total size of your database. If it’s more than 50 Mb, you must pay attention. If it’s over 200 Mb, there must be something wrong. A client was desperate on his database, it’s around 500 Mb and increasing every day. We solved this problem in 5 minutes: disable newsletter archive in admin, It’s not wise when you have 7,000 customers and save each mailed newsletter in database. Other configuration issues will be discussed later. If you can’t find it, remind us.

Backup Automation

Currently, this module does not support Backup Automation like on daily basis. However, we provide the solution to make it work. You can contact us for this feature for free. [Click Here]


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