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Julia’s Jewelry Store

You may be amazed the first two show cases in our blog are all about women’ stores. You can read another story here: Jazzah’s Party Suppliers Store

Profitable Online Jewelry Store

Julia and her jewelry store is another successful story. I know you guys love this kind of stories.

Unlike Jazzah, Julia had long time experience in jewelry and when she firstly started her online store, she had already been ready for Business knowledge and Initial Fund. The only handicap is technology.

I don’t know how she exactly build her first online shop, but I am pretty sure it was not Zen Cart. She once told me that her first store was developed by an ASP programmer, and later when Zen Cart became popular, she switched right away.

Successful Business People Focus On Business

Julia has the necessary characters of money making online store owners: she focus on her business but not Zen Cart. Hey, don’t laugh, that’s the biggest secrets I have found in my 6 years experience.  Click here.

She is always passionate to improve her jewelry store. The only problem is sometimes, her passion overrides my capability and I have to make her await. I was always stunning to see her requested task list, which are creative in management and marketing. Here are some excerpts you may be interested in:

list of 11 changes required by Julia

list of 11 changes required by Julia

This list has 11 tasks, which took me 2 days to finish. It cost her $195, and I believe she must be very happy to pay it because it solved her multi $195 headaches and may return more than $1,000 in less than a month. Don’t forget she already has a profitable business!

Remember this, if you want to be a rich store owner, focus on your business and kick your troublesome ball to those who play it best. Julia and Jazzah all did well.

Let me know what you think about this? If you want to list your site on our Show Case, please contact us here.

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