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Jazzah’s Party Suppliers Store

Imagine a mother of 3 children, without enough Zen Cart knowledge and business experience, how long can she survive in her first online business trip?

A Tough Start

If you think that’s not tough enough, here is something that may upset you:

Database always can’t connect

Orders lost when server is down

Hosting company forced her to migrate

The supporter disappears

She is a common house wife with an uncommon personality. She did not have enough technical skills, business knowledge and plenty fund to start her business, but she just did it.

She grows with her store day by day even I did not think it will last long.

Now, 5 years passed. She has a busy online store selling children party products to more than 4000 Australia customers. And the customer database is still growing.

A Common Woman with Uncommon Characters

She is Junelle Rhodes (I am used to call her Jazzah), my longest client since 2007. A strong impulse forced me to write something about her. If you are considering of setting up your first online store, her story is a must read.

I also learned a lot from her:

1.       if you want to be involved in online business, you don’t have to be tech guru, nerds may live longer

2.       you don’t have to a MBA to start business, constant learning and a strong will is the best certification

3.       you don’t have to rich when starting, online business don’t cost much money

4.       if you don’t have tech skills, business knowledge, enough money, you must have something to build your dream, Jazzah had all of them.

You may be wondering what did she have. Well, that’s quite uncommon to a business woman. She knows how to find the right people to do the right things ( I was once the cheapest coder when she found me as she could not pay for costly ones). She has enough patience to grow her store, 5 years and 4000+ customers. She never give up her dreams even there was a time she had only 1 order in 2 weeks.

Start Your Adventure Now

Now, tell me if you are touched by this? Yes, you can do the same thing. It’s not flying a rocket in the outer space, it’s just a store selling online. All you need is the passion to start.

Don’t hesitate one second more!

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