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How we install Add-ons on your site

Guess how many different Zen Cart add-ons we have installed on our clients sites over the last few years?

Around 670!

Each of these 670 add-ons have their own unique installation needs, code conflicts, and other technical fixes that needed to be addressed for proper integration into our clients stores. During those instalations we learned the ins and outs of each unique add-on. The amazing part of the story is that, in all that time, and with all those add-ons, we have had Zero Site Failures! How is that possible?

Backup, Backup, Backup!

It is typical that when a new client asks us to install new add-ons for them on a site that is live, they feel a bit nervous. Their concern is that if any unexpected errors occur, their site might become crippled and they could potentially lose significant sales. Though we understand that fear, we pride ourselves in our guarantee that with our installation services prolonged downtime is not a possibility. In fact, if an error occurs while we are updating your site, our advanced installation system alerts us immediately and we can restore your site to its previous working status in less than 2 minutes!

How is that possible?

We have an incredibly powerful backup system!Before each add-on is installed, our proprietary installation system will check to see if there’s any potential conflicts that may occur during the installation. Any files which might potentially conflict are backed up automatically.

There are rare cases when add-ons are installed, but do not function properly. Most of the time these errors are due to the clients server configuration. In those cases, the backup is restored instantly, and the server resumes working status as if nothing ever happened. When there is a problem with the clients server we only have two (2) options:

    1. find the incorrect server configuration, fix it and then attempt to reinstall the add-ons;
    2. if we can’t solve the problem on your server we have to suspend work on the install until your hosting company can address it.

We take great care to ensure your site functions properly. In the event that we can’t install the add-ons successfully we make sure to return your site to its previous working order.

You Risk Nothing: No Upfront Payment Required

Our NO RISK POLICY is clear. You pay only for the successful completion of the installation. If you are not satisfied or we are unsuccessful, your site will be returned to its previous working state and you pay nothing… NOT A PENNY!

We risk everything!

There is no better deal than this. We are putting our years of experience and comprehensive set of installation tools at your disposal, with no upfront cost to you. Not to mention our prices are far lower than our competition’s… and they don’t have the advanced tools, technical ability, and no risk policy that we offer. We offer this straightforward no risk policy because we are confident that our installations are rock-solid and that after you use our services you will keep coming back to us for all your Zen Cart technical and customization needs. (and you will probably refer your friends too!)
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