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How we help you to customize your site

Customization takes lots of time and efforts. Usually, we don’t suggest clients to make customizations unless asked to do so. Interestingly, only a few clients ask us to do this for them. And you can guess that, they are those who make continuous cash flow from their online Zen Cart stores.

General Procedures

1.       You submit your customization plan: range, expectations, budget of time and cost

2.       We quote with suggestions

3.       You review the quote

a)         If you agree, we make a deal

b)        If you have other ideas, we repeat step 1

Keys to Make Your High ROI Customization

Please make sure two things: 1. you do need this; 2. you do understand what you need. We can help you to make your idea a reality and give you suggestions to make it better, however, it’s up to you to make the blueprint.

Please focus on your business need. The more you talk about it, the more it will generate profits as you expect. Technical details can be solved when we have a mutual understanding of the customization.

Usually, we’ll have to communicate through at least 6 emails to settle a typical small project. A heavy project cost 209 emails in 2008 for a U.K. client.

Heavy Project Needs 30% Upfront Payment

What is a heavy project? Needs more than 2 days and costs more than $300.

Customization, How To

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