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3 Stages of Zen Cart Store – Technical Overview

Zen Cart store owners often seek help from us about how to make a schedule of technical development of their shopping cart. They want to know what to do and how to do certain jobs in a specific stage. They don’t want to think too much on those topics since they are not their focus. […]

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20 Most important Add-ons of Zen Cart

If you are a Zen Cart store owner, and has some basic knowledge of Add-ons, do you know how many add-ons are there? In mid 2009, the number is around 730. However, there are only less than 60 add-ons are really critical to most users. Today we would to introduce “20 most important add-ons of […]

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SEO Package

This package only offers to our existing clients who had already bought something (add-ons, customization service, etc.) from us. If you understand SEO, please read the following email, which is a typical in explaining how this package works. Yes, that sounds fine Hao.   Chelsea www.scrapboutique.com.au   From: Hao Sent: Thursday, 10 December 2009 3:10 […]

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