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3 Stages of Zen Cart Store – Technical Overview

Zen Cart store owners often seek help from us about how to make a schedule of technical development of their shopping cart. They want to know what to do and how to do certain jobs in a specific stage. They don’t want to think too much on those topics since they are not their focus. […]

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The Spirit of GNU License

Introduction Being a open source member for more than 6 years, we receive questioning about why their contributions are listed on our site for sale. It’s almost the same question: I spent the time to develop it, how dare you sell it without my agreement? Well, it may sound harsh, but we do dare. Here’s […]

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How You Sell Online

Selling online obeys the general marketing laws: Find your customers, Ask what they need, Satisfy them (FAS). Does this sound easy enough? Well, you need to practice a lot to master the keys. Find Your Customers Hey, focus the word “YOUR”. It’s your customers, not other person’s customers. Your customers are equal to the marketing […]

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How we help you to customize your site

Customization takes lots of time and efforts. Usually, we don’t suggest clients to make customizations unless asked to do so. Interestingly, only a few clients ask us to do this for them. And you can guess that, they are those who make continuous cash flow from their online Zen Cart stores. General Procedures 1.       You […]

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Quickest Way to solve Zen Cart technical headaches

If you have read my previous post “How to set up your own online store – overview“, you must know the quickest way to set up a store is “CLONE”. Okie, what’s the quickest way to solve your headaches of zen cart technical issues? Don’t rush. Let us see what most people do! Most People […]

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How to set up your own online store – overview

You are welcome, my new Zen Cart friends! Since you are already here, I guess you have decided to use Zen Cart as your shopping cart. Maybe you have been Zen Cart user with several years experience and you are seeking a better way to set up Zen Cart. Here are my secret weapons developed […]

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How we install Add-ons on your site

Guess how many different Zen Cart add-ons we have installed on our clients sites over the last few years? Around 670! Each of these 670 add-ons have their own unique installation needs, code conflicts, and other technical fixes that needed to be addressed for proper integration into our clients stores. During those instalations we learned […]

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