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MySQL Backup

Dear Zen Cart store owners, you are lucky with this add-on. It saves your headache to backup your database. This is a must have add-on of your site if you don’t want to cry for help when your server is down due to all kinds of reasons. The author is a genius. Why it’s not […]


Security Patch v138 20090619

Read it here: http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=130161 It seems Dr.Byte was really scared about this security issues. And some of my clients reported that their site have been affected. Do install this even your site seems to be safe. The key is “rename admin folder”. Some Zen Cart users reported that they can’t login to admin after renaming. […]


20 Most important Add-ons of Zen Cart

If you are a Zen Cart store owner, and has some basic knowledge of Add-ons, do you know how many add-ons are there? In mid 2009, the number is around 730. However, there are only less than 60 add-ons are really critical to most users. Today we would to introduce “20 most important add-ons of […]

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