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20 Most important Add-ons of Zen Cart

If you are a Zen Cart store owner, and has some basic knowledge of Add-ons, do you know how many add-ons are there? In mid 2009, the number is around 730.

However, there are only less than 60 add-ons are really critical to most users. Today we would to introduce “20 most important add-ons of zen cart”. Later we will bring more information on this.

Here’s the simple list (still adding):

Security Issues

[view] [buy] Security Patch v138 20090619

[view] [buy] MySQL Backup

Admin Tools

[view] [buy] Super Orders

[view] [buy] TY Shipping Tracker

[view] [buy] Admin Login As customer

[view] [buy] Monthly Sales and Tax Report

[view] [buy] Easy Populate

[view] [buy] Quick Update

[view] [buy] HTML Editor

SEO Packages

[view] [buy] Basic SEO Pacakge (includes the 3 mods listed below)

[view] [buy] Ultimate SEO URLs

[view] [buy] Images Name SEO

[view] [buy] Bookmarks and Metatag

Google Family

[view] [buy] Google Analytics

[view] [buy] Google XML map

[view] [buy] Froogle Base Feeder

[view] [buy] Google Map Store Locator


[view] [buy] Newsletter Subscription Sidebox

[view] [buy] Pricing Strategies: Dual Price, MAP, MSRP

[view] [buy] Upsell Cross sell

[view] [buy] Live Chat

User Experience

[view] [buy] Zen Light Box

[view] [buy] Fast Checkout

[view] [buy] Wish List

[view] [buy] Back In Stock Notification


Add-ons, Solution

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